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Date de dernière connexion : 2018-10-04

Monsieur Sa... A...
22636 Kafr Al-Dawwar

Situation actuelle:
Secteur d'activité actuel : Logistics
Taille de l'entreprise : 101 à 1000 salariés
Fonction actuelle : Shipping Logistics Manager
Nombre d'années à ce poste : 6 à 10 ans
Nombre de personnes sous mes ordres : 6 à 10 personnes
Salaire annuel : 900.00 USD
Expérience Totale : + de 15 ans
Disponibilité : Disponibilité immédiate
Poste recherché:
Fonctions: Shipping Logistics Manager, ,
Secteur d'activité: Oil & Gas, ,

Type de contrat souhaité: CDI, CDD, CDD Intermittent
Temps de travail souhaité: Temps plein, Travail le WE
Salaire Annuel Minimum / Souhaité: 2500.00 / 3000.00 USD
Etudes :
Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+4
Dernier diplome : Bachelors of Commerce in accounting and auditing - 1987 Alexandria University ( Accounting section )
Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+4
Autres Formations :

Mobilité :
Pays : Egypte

Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés
MS – Dos * Windows 98 * Excel II * Word Perfect * Internet from Alexandria University • Fully competent with aspects of Microsoft Office: Word-Excel-PowerPoint-Access and Internet • Proficient internet researcher – databases knowledge

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux
•IDGM – Dangerous Goods Training Course ( Air–Ocean–Road Fright ) from Kirkhill Industrial Estate, Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 0GL – GB on 05/07/2008

Arabe : Langue maternelle
Anglais : Langue de travail
Français : Intermédiaire

CV :

Monsieur Sa... A
22636 Kafr Al-Dawwar

CV Resume Details

Position wanted:

Shipping - logistics

Job category:

Shipping - Import / Export




Air /Ocean Freights

Cargo Custom Clearance In / Out

 Supply Chain


 Freight Forwarding



 UAE United Arab Emirates / KSA / Oman Qatar / Kuwait


 Anywhere

and Resume Summary

Career Objective

am seeking a challenging position in multinational firm that will allow for
growth and a chance to use and contribute my education and job
Coordinate daily Shipping activities and
maintain working relationship with business stakeholders, partners,
shippers and customers. Provide
Shipping facilities through negotiations, data collection, analysis,
Evaluate terminal operations performance .
Update Ships Arrival Schedule and provide
customers, Forwarding Agents, Handling / Stevedoring Agents, Port
Authority with prospected information.
Assist customers in completing booking,
boarding, goods lifting and removals.
Liaise with some public transport Departments,
Port Authorities, cooperate with hinterland customers and defend
Make sure that all contractual deadlines are
met, and targets are achieved.
presentation, negotiation, team work, and interpersonal communication
to set and achieve goals and to work under pressure
closely with Logistics providers to assure on-time shipments.


, Negotiation, Logistics,
Coordinator , Executive , Aviation , Marketing, Manager, Import / Export , Cost
Analyzing , Purchasing, Procurement, Daily
work planner, Freight Forwarding, Problem

Experience of working within a team-based culture
involving people of different nationality onboard ship and container terminal
has enhanced my skills on how to relate and deal with people of different

course work was dependent upon participation and motivation of syndicated
project groups. Strong ability to organize work and competing priorities
effectively and meet deadlines

Working in different tasks within my organization
has enabled me to demonstrate time management, even under pressure I am
always focused on my job

Development of strong analytic and diagnostic skills
as part of my qualifications

Knowledge of commodities procurement locally
and internationally, payment through Credit Letter procedures, tax system
regulations, customs formalities implementation, commodities clearance and
delivery to shippers, customers or International Organizations

Known languages (and levels):

 English – V. Good

 Arabic - Mother Tongue

Type of Employment wanted:

 Full Time

Training Course:

•IDGM – Dangerous Goods Training
Course ( Air–Ocean–Road Fright ) from Kirkhill Industrial Estate, Dyce,
Aberdeen AB21 0GL – GB on 05/07/2008

• H LO Helicopter Landing Officer Training Course
from Arab Academy Alexandria – for
Science and Technology

• HUET Training
Course from Arab Academy for Science and Technology- Alexandria

• Offshore Survival Training
Course from Arab Academy for Science and Technology- Alexandria

• ISO 9001-2000 from BVQI –
Alexandria May – 2004 – Team Leader

• ISO 9001-2000 from SGS as
team leader( Carried out my company Certificate 9001-2000 )

• HSE from SGS

• First EID & CPR Training Course from American Collage

• Time Stress Management -
on 21,22,23.06.09 from EAAC GROUP – Alexandria

• Passenger Handling Training
Course from 11 - 15.Dec , 2011 - Egypt Air Training Center – Cairo

Current Location:

, Egypt

Education & Experience

History, Qualifications & other additional information

Level of Education :

Bachelor's degree

• Bachelors of Commerce in
accounting and auditing - 1987 Alexandria University (
Accounting section )

• MS – Dos * Windows 98 * Excel II * Word
Perfect * Internet from Alexandria University

• Fully competent with aspects of
Microsoft Office: Word-Excel-PowerPoint-Access and Internet

• Proficient internet researcher –
databases knowledge

Work History & Experience:

of Work Experience:

26 Years

Logistics Manager
in Shipping Agencies & Oil Services Co (S.A.E)

from Jul – 2013 –

our company is the agent for a group of companies all working in the sector
of research and exploration for Oil and Gas like Diamond Offshore , Rowan ,
BP, Total and BG, Saipem and Technip and Subsea 7 and Oceaneering which
requires import Rigs , as well as petroleum equipments at the beginning of
each project and re-exported at the end of the project to the country of
origin. I am the person in charge has to do this work through a series of
well-trained personnel to get the job done in record time. As I’m hold a
current or previous IATA / Dangerous good certification in the shipment of
hazardous materials and have hands on experience shipping these types of

• Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in
verifying and keeping records on incoming and outgoing shipments, and
preparing items for shipments (Air, Ocean and Road). Studies shipping
notices, bills of lading, invoices, orders, and other records to determine
shipping priorities, work assignments, and shipping methods required to meet
shipping and receiving schedules, utilizing knowledge of shipping procedures,
routes, and rates.

• Oversees incoming and outgoing shipping
activities to ensure accuracy, completeness, and condition of shipments.

• Coordinate with EGPC & EGAS to issue
Import / Export custom declaration.

• Working
through the free Zone System .

• Inspects loading operations to ensure
compliance with shipping specifications, and seals loaded boxcars and truck

• Flexibility and willingness to efficiently
handle the personal shipment clearance for Executives

• Manage the shipping
process from the point the shipper is initiated through product shipment.
This includes

working closely with
other departments: Quality, Contracts, Export Compliance, and Program
Management as

a minimum.

Directs movement of shipments from shipping and receiving platform to
storage and work areas.

P.V.C – Shipments carry out all export formalities from Abu Qir – Port • Handled with shipping lines for
bookings Export cargo and Local Transportation with suppliers from

warehouse to the port .

• Respond to inquiries from
Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders regarding Classification,

requirements, or other import and export
regulations to ensure timely clearance.

• Manage
and direct employees responsible for the management, supervision, packaging
and movement of

finished goods within the shipping

• Handling dangerous goods and
Hazardous Material shipments according to IATA regulation

• Good Knowledge of shipping
freight cost , custom rules , containers stuffing and handling along-with
export documentation.

• Forwarders, Shipping Companies,
Customs Brokers, Insurance Companies & Local Transporters .

• Develop effective and constructive
solutions to challenges and obstacles in import/export activities and

• Handiling daily operational
activities of import /export for global shipments (Air, Sea and Road).

• Audit import and export
documentation and processes for accuracy and compliance.

• Service providers bills passing
, validating charges and currency applicable - in time and supply chain

security compliance records in
accordance with recordkeeping regulations.

• Ensures all shipping requirements meet contractual

• Participate in the contract review process as required.

• Ensures all documents are correct that are included with

• Plan and monitor daily work activities to ensure shipment
requirements are met.

• Work with freight companies to ensure products are shipped
within the guidelines of contractual requirements. This includes both
domestic and international shipments.

• Communicate shipping status as needed to internal and external

• Maintain department procedures for special customer processes,
portals, and export compliance.

• Manage to applicable Work Instructions related to the shipping

• Develop and maintain performance metrics.

• Maintain proper shipping supplies inventory.

• Initiate employee evaluations and provide continual feedback on
both positive and negative performance.

• Prepare and manage departmental budgets.

• Maintain a clean and safe working environment.

Manager in Technip , Saudi Arabiafrom May 2012
until July 2013

KJO-Onshore & Offshore

supply logistics experience (fuel and water bunkering, ship Handling,
equipment certification and inspection...etc)

Dealing with
offshore custom clearance of marine spread,structures, temporary equipment
importations, importation of radio isotopes ....etc

Been exposed
to personnel logistics and handling big offshore crew changes

Native Arabic
Speaker as I have already 7 years experience in Saudi especially in dealing with cost guards, special forces...etc .

Follow up all
personal movments via helicopters & boats .

Ensure that
all incoming airfreight / sea freight shipments are cleared without any
delays, ensuring that shipments are

cleared as per applicable port
rules and customs regulations.

Ensure that
all outgoing export air / sea freight including projects load outs from
project jetty are handled in timely manner and all documentation are prepared
correctly and file with airport/port
and Customs as per rules and regulation.

Trucking –
within GCC ensuring that all documentation is in correct and clearance at
Border is completed without any delay or hindrance

Implement procedures and supervise all transportation

Ensure compliant recordkeeping of all outgoing air, ocean and road
shipments and retain all communications pertaining

to Traffic functions.

vendors of onshore shipping
instructions as required .

no items of materials or equipment shipped are against any law, rules or

hazardous material certificates are issued and ensure proper handling as per
IATA regulations.

proper marking and labeling used for all Export Cargo

proper handling of equipment is provided to afford maximum protection and to
minimize potential damage during transport until deliver

export shipping schedules for proper planning and scheduling of all export

that Shippers letter of Instruction issuance process is followed

preparation of monthly report of incoming and outgoing shipments for
submission to Insurance Dept.

I was hired for BP - Egypt as Shipping
Logistic SupervisorFrom Aug - 2008 until May - 2012

my origin company I was hired for BP - Egypt as shipping Logistic Coordinator
, located in Abu Quir port – Egypt. Carry
out all requirements between BP's and AHTS , PSV between platforms locations and shore base &
Coordinate the work between bollards logistic and drilling rigs working for
British Petroleum Co. and meet needs of the drilling rigs and supplies raw
materials , water and fuel . Follow up all shipments

In / Out Air , Sea & Road Transportation ,
Storage , Custom Clearance ,
Cargo Custom Clearance In / Out ,Rig Clearance In /Out , Vessels Port Clearance In /Out.

Duties / Responsibilities


awareness of and ensure compliance with all relevant statutory and Company
HSE standards.

participate in Company safety awareness and initiative schemes including
implementation on board support vessels.

to pre-job meetings, kick off meetings on shore base as logistics

Member of
Emergency Response Team on board the Rig charge of logistics coordination on
shore base and off shore (PSV and
helicopter movement’s coordination).

Ensure that
S/B vessel 500 Mt away of the Rig during Heli – OPS .


On a day to
day basis, identify needs, priorities, and emergencies from the different
base entities (Field Operations, Construction, Projects, Drilling) and plan
logistics operations accordingly (material and passengers).

in 5 days look ahead site activities planning meetings in order to anticipate
midterm logistics requirements.

In daily
contact with Onshore Logistics Coordinator in Abu Quir base , organize and
coordinate on base logistics operations of the various installations, based
on priorities.

Ensure that
stock level of remaining banker on board ( gas oil, water and food on the
various supports vessels ) are correctly followed up in order to anticipate
future needs.

Update and
improve on base logistics procedures according to identified needs.

Dealing with offshore custom clearance of marine spread, structures, temporary equipment importations, importation of radio
isotopes ....etc



passengers transport planning and plan boat movement according to various
on-site entities passengers transfers requirements. Manage constraints &
priorities and adapt schedule accordingly.

Optimize and
coordinate bookings / Set up manifests and circulate them

Make sure
that passengers transfer operations are planned and executed in strict
compliance with safety rules and loss of time is minimized.


On daily
basis, monitor helicopters activities in accordance with manifests issued and
make sure schedules are followed.

If necessary,
make sure that a stand-by Vessel is dedicated to cover the needs of the
offshore installations especially during helicopter landing and takeoff

Make sure
that intra field flights landing on DP platforms are performed according to
safety requirements (HLO on board, helideck operational...) .

Ensure that
all Carne – OPS shutdown 15 Min @ least before Heli – landing on board.

Ensure that
all pax joining by Helicopter had get the safety briefing by heliport
dispatcher and the already have the training course for Bosit or HUET


- Coordination of cargo requirements (deck, under-deck, drilling
chemicals, fuel, water and bulks) for offshore installations/rigs.

- Consolidation of cargo delivery requests.

- Preparation of a "Load Out Plan" for each vessel
sailing or cargo event.

- Vessel scheduling, allocation and route planning, including
issuing sailing instructions to vessels.

- Communication of sailing schedules, cargo runs, and deck plans.

- Plan vessel under deck requirements from leaving location e.g.
bulk product return to vendor, waste disposal, tank cleaning etc.

- Liaison with Company Representatives both on and offshore to
ascertain requirements and schedule vessels to suit. This shall be on the
basis of cargo requirements, vessel routing and cargo prioritisation and
shall make the most efficient use of Vessels.

Make sure
that all material/equipment transported by supply vessels is distributed on
the site according to the manifests established by the shore base and further
site dispatch requirements.

Ensure that
backload equipment/material is correctly documented by every site entity in
order to have traceability on arrival (back load cargo manifest, material
return information sheet).

for checking conformity of all used cargo carrying units lifting gear and
proper cargo offshore packaging at Abu Quir interface.

requests to British Petroleum for Abu Quir port lifting and handling
equipment and berths.

Shipping Manager in Shipping Agencies
& Oil Services CompanyFrom Oct - 2004until

whom are the agent for many offshore
companies as BP - Egypt , Diamond Offshore ,DOF-Norway, Fugro Surveyor,
Saipem - UK , Technip Offshore - UK , Acergy , Atlantic Marine Services -
Norway , Bourbon Offshore - Norway , Cameron , Branch Alpha Offshore Drilling , Gas De
France , Hess Egypt Exploration LTD , RWE Dea - Egypt , Rowan Egypt
Petroleum Services LLC , Solus Ocean System , Somaser SNC - Egypt , Sub Sea
Technologies INC , Yadco Petroleum Services , Trancocean INC .
Co-ordination with the warehouse staff, shipping line for the distribution
of cargo for Export and Import from
the customs to various countries also planning the distribution, cost and preparing
a report to the management about the schedule of Import and Export of goods
from the warehouse.

Duties / Responsibilities

Follow up all arrangements
for the entry and exit of vessels to and from the port as
per the schedule 24 hours / day all the week and
through my experienced team . Researching and planning the most appropriate
route and be ensure that the final
destination is the same in B/L for a shipments.Supervise and coordinate
activities of workers concerned with picking product and preparing it for
same day shipping both nationally and internationally via expedited carrier

- Determine work procedures, prepare work schedules,
and expedite workflow.

- Issue written and oral instructions.

- Assign duties and examine work for
exactness, neatness, and conformance to policies and procedures.

- Study and standardize procedures to
improve efficiency of workers.

- Maintain harmony among workers and resolve

- Interview and hire new employees.

- Confer with other managers in the
distribution center to ensure coordination of other warehouse activities.

- Confer with other managers outside of the
distribution center to ensure coordination of other functions such as

inventory management and quality assurance.

- Ensure correct shipment of international
orders and hazardous material orders. -

- Identify employees’ skills and develop
them by coaching and counseling employees on a regular basis.

- Conduct annual performance reviews and
provide continual feedback on both positive and negative performance.

- Manage
relationships with shipping lines, airlines, transport companies, shipping
agencies, freight forwarding companies, etc.

and negotiate their rates, contract terms
facilities and services and ensure best value .

Shipping Manager in Shipping Agency & Freight Forwarding Company From Jul - 1996 until Sep – 2004

My first job in Egypt was in Shipping Agency & Freight Forwarding Company
whom carry out full agency for some liners like G.N.M.T.C ( Libyan Company and my job was arrange)
the port clearance In/Out for the vessels for all their port calls to (
Alexandria , Damietta , Port Said ) arrange all cargo operations (Discharching Blolybrobbliyn– PVC &
Loading cement and rice ) and prepare all requires Documents Also
handling the CC for this vessels and arrange all vessel's requirements. As
well the above company was the agent
for Sonatrach - Algeria whom contracted with EGPC to transfer
the Butane Gas from Arzo - Algeria to Alex port ( Petroleum Jetty
area Where the special system ) using
LPG Maersk vessels ( Helena Maersk , Henning Maersk ,Hans Maersk Nils Maersk ) also that vessels were
handling from A to Z by myself As
well the above company was the agent for Vela International Co.& KOTC
and KPC where the VCCL vessels transfer the Oil products from Ras Tanoura - Saudi Arabia to North America or
Holland and due to her draft the vessel discharge part of cargo at Ian
an reload again from Sadie Kerier port as my job in this case to
follow up the vessel during her transit until cleared out from the canal .
Also follow up the vessel at Sidi Krier port ,

Request for anchoring the vessel and all the
necessary documents to enter the port to compile a list of accounts and
preparation of ships for the bill contained and the delivery of the policies
contained on the ship and the preparation of bills of lading and customs
documents issued to the ships leave the port as well as all the necessary
documents for departure also prepare the cargo manifest and all Fright
Forward Shipments’ documents

, Issue B/L as well as issue the inward fright invoices

with the mill and the customer and dealing with the Bank for back to back
L/C, Pro forma Invoice, Sales Contract, Doc’s Instruction. Etc.

Duties / Responsibilities

- Coordinate daily Shipping activities and
maintain working relationship with business stake holders, partners, shippers
and customers

- Provide Shipping facilities through
negotiations, data collection, analysis, etc.

- Evaluate terminal operations performance,
field difficulties and assist in settling “bottle-necks

- Update Ships Arrival Schedule and provide
customers, Forwarding Agents, Handling/Stevedoring Agents, Port Authority
with prospected information.

- Assist customers in completing booking,
boarding, goods lifting and removals.

- Liaise with some public transport
Departments, cooperate with hinterland customers and defend interests.

- Make sure that all contractual deadlines
are met, and targets are achieved.

- Core Objectives: The main focus of this
position is to coordinate and manage handling and stevedoring services within
the projected time frame and assist in shortening ships towing and berthing
time to improve commercial operations efficiency and productivity.

- Major Assignments and Responsibilities:

- Attending meetings with Continuo Port
Pilotage & Towing Service to review Ships Arrival ,sheet and Ships
Departure Sheet.

- Liaise with Continuo Port Authority and
Stevedoring / Handling Companies for administrative formalities purpose and
both berthing and logistic facilities (pilotage, towing, loading, discharge,
shifting, transshipment, Ship to Ship transfer, warehousing, storage, etc.

- Provide crew on board ships with required
needs, manage documentation (Notice of readiness, manifesto, B/L, Narcotic
list, Nil list, Load Transshipments Print, Ship Store Declaration, Crew Effects
Declaration, Ports Of Call Sheet, Crew list, Vaccination list, etc.), attend
vessels inspection.

- Supervise and coordinate commercial
operations (loading & unloading) from stevedoring/handling Companies, and
issue daily Statements Of Facts and Terminal Departure Reports.

- Make sure that the discharged boxes and
commodities are actually delivered to the addressed customer or shifted for
storing or warehousing purpose.

- Update and manage terminal operations
data base, and report to the Shipping Manager as well as the Sales Manager.

- Deal with all financial aspects of Port
& Operations Management.

- Provide analysis of logistic needs.

- Management of vehicle fleet and
supervision of maintenance and spare parts.

Branch Manager – Saudi Arabia in Bin Hadi Rent Cars and Contracting&Trading
Co . From Jun - 1989 until May – 1996

7 years of work experience in Bin Hadi Rent Cars and Contracting&Trading
Co . KSA
, as Branch Manager in the following areas .

Jeddah head office for 1 year , Khamis
Mushayt for 2 years , Riyadh for 1 year , Al Ahsa for 1 year , Dharan for 2 years .

Duties / Responsibilities

crew of drivers, maintenance and spare parts specific to the branch and
ensure availability of spare parts on stock

cars of the branch Limousine in terms of the validity of driving licenses and

maintenance staff in a Branch - Workshop

sure each car maintenance card and check the history of periodic maintenance

sure that each car matching required Standards from the Ministry of Transport
and Communications in KSA

2 years in Alexandria Terminal Handling
Containers Co
( Government Co) as Accountant & Auditor from 1987
until 1989

Calculate , Estimate and Review the expenses related to loading
and unloading of containers

Responsibilities include monitoring Vessel and Yard
operations to submit periodic reports of accomplishments and encountered
problems; ensuring that the physical address of containers in the yard are
exactly the same as those reflected in the report or in the terminal computer
system; coordination with CFS for the internal movement of LCL containers and
other containers requiring stripping/stuffing at CFS for proper monitoring
and recording; ensuring proper coordination with the Shipping lines / Clients
regarding vessel schedules and the submission of documents within
cut-off-time; ensuring that all activities with the Terminal Operating System
are closely monitored to meet all requirements; providing the review of operational
tasks, etc.

My resume is enclosed for your perusal, hope that my
qualification meet your needs.

Lettre de candidature

Monsieur Sa... A
22636 Kafr Al-Dawwar


Good Day ,Plz find attachment herewith my up to date CV and my preview interview and visa to KSA & I'm willing to relocate single to any of Gulf country.B.Rgds

Monsieur Sa... A...

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